So It’s Not Just Me

Back before anyone read this blog *wink, cough*, I wrote a fairly snarky post about the absolutely ridiculous commercials for Yaz and Viva Viagra.  It seems I’m finally vindicated, as NewsComa is equally creeped out by the Viagra commercial.

Every now and then I make a mistake that seems fairly common among bloggers.  I come up with an idea that is so damn funny that I absolutely must get it published as soon as possible.  After all, the whole world is probably dying to know how unbelievably witty and clever I am, right?  I then spend the next couple of days checking every now and then to see how many hundreds of links and comments I’ve received.

So far I’m batting .000

I suspected my Yaz/Viagra post may fall into that category, so I went back an re-read it.  My conclusion:

I really am as clever and funny as I thought–maybe even funnier!

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2 Replies to “So It’s Not Just Me”

  1. I’m shocked and dismayed. My way of determining the credibility of a product is by counting the number of SPAMs I get for it. I average about 1,000 SPAMs a day, so I get an easy “batting average” for a product my way. I think that my methods have more chance of being correct than Zogby polls. Maybe I’ve been the target of some ersatz SPAM? That wouldn’t be fair.

    BTW, I’m a firm (no pun on Viagra) believer that you’re the best judge of your own work, as long as you’re honest with yourself.

  2. I thought the original post was hilarious at the same time funny.
    But since you brought up the topic gain, I remember seeing the Viagra commercial just last week and I was thinking…

    How does your resume’ read if you are one of the actors in that commercial…

    2007…Potentially Hard Guy #3 playing upright bass in “Clandestine Barn” Viagra ad.

    Not exactly the most stellar reference, but then again it’s better than any resume of Keanu Reeves (he’s horrible)

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