That’s Not A Steroid Problem…THIS is a Steroid Problem.

Reason brings up some excellent points about athletics, police, and steroid abuse.

Given that police officers carry guns, night sticks, and tasers, and that they have the power to use lethal force when necessary, one would think our politicians would be more concerned about illegal use of a drug known to contribute to fits of rage and violence among law enforcement than use by a bunch of baseball players.

One would think.  As far as I’m concerned, you can throw in football players, weight lifters, cage fighters, and especially professional wrestlers into the “who cares?” category.

This stems from a story in the New York Daily News was written after

…27 NYPD officers cropped up on the client lists of a Brooklyn pharmacy and three doctors linked to a pro sports steroid ring.

I’d never really thought about cops on steroids, but it seems like the type of job that would foster steroid use to me.  Of course, I haven’t been beaten down by a juicer with a badge recently either.  I just assume that there is a certain percentage of people in all lines of work who use steroids (and heroin, and meth, and marijuana, etc.).  Could it expain some instances of excessive use of force or brutality?  Possibly.  But I wouldn’t go jumping to those conclusions any more than I would for people in any other line of work.

It’s probably fair to say that I’ve known at least one person who was on the juice since I was 16 years old, but I’ve never seen what I’d call ‘roid rage.  The violent assholes I’ve known who were juicing had always been violent assholes and probably always will be.

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4 Replies to “That’s Not A Steroid Problem…THIS is a Steroid Problem.”

  1. It is an excellent point if you are generally anti-government and worry about their authority to kill a minority, but I for one would like to see more athletic juiced up officers. They might be able to run down a thief or killer. I think the second most ironically unhealthy profession (behind only nurses) are the police. Just don’t go messin’ with my baseball records, which are important simply because of their unimportance.

  2. authority to kill a minority
    It’s not every day that someone subconciously uses an old school N.W.A. quote on my blog. Thanks for that!

    I have to agree with you the out of shape police and chain-smoking nurses. The irony there is only matched by cosmotologists with horrible hair and fat supermodels like Tyra Banks.

  3. … and computer gurus with out of date software and carpenters with shitty houses …

    I’ve seen plenty of the ‘roid stuff among college students in various gyms I’ve frequented. The only things I’ve noticed is that they hog the mirrors and grunt too loudly.

  4. Sorry, it was very conscious. Just wanted to see if you were reading. I wish I could say my poor subject-verb agreement was conscious.

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