My Newest Feed — MyBootsNMe

Although I encourage EVERYONE to subscribe to my RSS feed (it’s free after all), I’m generally pretty picky when choosing to subscribe to a blog. Yesterday was an exception. I came across MyBootsNMe and browsed a little. I was pretty impressed and subscribed immediately. Great photos, great writing, and a pleasure to read. Check it out.

It is rare that I will subscribe to a single blog like this. Usually, I’ll have my interest in something peaked and subscribe to 10 or more new feeds on that topic within a couple of days. Invariably, most of these don’t stay on my list for more than a week or two because I’m either bored with them or they aren’t putting out much good new material.

That reminds me of another reason Google Reader is great. It provides you with stats that actually tell you how often a feed is updated and how many of the items you are actually reading. It makes it pretty easy to decide what should stay and go on your list. I try to keep my list of feeds pretty short while still spread across subjects I’m interested in.

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