Barbie Cummings Misses Court

All she had to do was show up and her ticket would have been dismissed. Now she’ll have to pay it. 🙁

Since her old site has been taken down, she has a temporary blog. According to that, she’s been pretty busy lately, traveling to the West Coast for some business engagements and even getting married in Las Vegas.

It states there that she’s moving from Knoxville to L.A. soon, so I guess the court date completely slipped her mind.

***UPDATED 7.25.07
You COULD read about it in her own words, but Blogger deleted her site…probably because there was extremely explicit material on there. You can always depend on me to stay well informed on this story. 😛

What a truly strange story to be cumming (sorry, had to) out of sleepy old Knoxville!

Tim Hutchison De-certified

We’ll see how it pans out, but for now this is good news. At least Hutchison and company didn’t insult the intelligence of the citizens of Knox County by sneaking around to get the maximum pension for him in a sneaky, clever way. Nope. They made it obvious, right in front of our faces.

The maneuvering in this situation reminds me of that scene in “Casino” where Robert DeNiro’s character is constantly changing his title at the casino so that his application for a gaming license is perpetually kept at the bottom of queue to be processed. Food and Beverage Manager, VP of Guest Relations, Head Pool Cleaner, or whatever else, the fact is he was running the place.

Look for Hutchison to start his new job on Monday as “Special Guest Referee” in a basketball game between the deputies and the inmates.

And how about this:

Hutchison responded to the decision in a statement posted on the Knox County Sheriff’s Office’s Web site

Is it really okay for County employees to use public assets like the Sheriff Office’s website to make opiniated posts for political and/or financial gain? That seems unethical if not illegal.

Knoxviews has a pretty entertaining take on Knox County Deathmatch 2007.

My Newest Feed — MyBootsNMe

Although I encourage EVERYONE to subscribe to my RSS feed (it’s free after all), I’m generally pretty picky when choosing to subscribe to a blog. Yesterday was an exception. I came across MyBootsNMe and browsed a little. I was pretty impressed and subscribed immediately. Great photos, great writing, and a pleasure to read. Check it out.

It is rare that I will subscribe to a single blog like this. Usually, I’ll have my interest in something peaked and subscribe to 10 or more new feeds on that topic within a couple of days. Invariably, most of these don’t stay on my list for more than a week or two because I’m either bored with them or they aren’t putting out much good new material.

That reminds me of another reason Google Reader is great. It provides you with stats that actually tell you how often a feed is updated and how many of the items you are actually reading. It makes it pretty easy to decide what should stay and go on your list. I try to keep my list of feeds pretty short while still spread across subjects I’m interested in.

Vince McMahon on Today

I saw Vince’s interview with Meredith Viera at the gym this morning. She pretty much grilled him about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Vince did his part and (correctly) portrayed Benoit as a monster, but it doesn’t seem like the media is going to let this steroid angle go.

The seem pretty set on making this out to be “roid rage”. Over a three day period? I don’t think so.

Now to the bigger question…is steroid use rampant in professional wrestling? Uh, you think? Does that question really even need to be asked?

Seriously, if you know so little about steroids and the signs of steroid use that you need to ask that question about anyone on the WWE roster, you don’t have the adequate background knowledge to ask if this was an instance of roid rage.

And again, why is the mainstream media even covering this beyond the published facts of the case? Yes, it is a horrible tragedy, and I can see why the people who actually follow pro wrestling want to know more about it, but outside of that small market it is just more sensationalist journalism.

In other late breaking headlines…Did you hear that Paris was on Larry King? Did you hear the iPhone is coming out in a week?

Benoit Details Getting More Bizzare

Aside from the fact that Benoit apparently strangled his wife one day, suffocated his son the next, and hung himself as long as a day later, the rumors I’m hearing are even more strange.

I’ve heard that the text messages he sent his friends in the WWE involved letting the police know how to get into his house, details about his will, and a desire to make sure his dogs were taken care of. WHAT?!?!?!

An even stranger allegation is that his 7 year old son had been taking growth hormone for some time (HE WAS SEVEN!) because his family felt he was undersized.

Personaly, I’ve always felt that it is a real shame when child murderers die before they are given the opportunity to be tortured in prison by their fellow inmates.

WWE made sure they washed their hands of Benoit as soon as possible. Vince McMahon made a statement at the beginning of last night’s ECW broadcast that his name would not be mentioned in light of the emerging details of the situation.


Memo to Dick Cheney:

You aren’t Hillary Clinton.

Stop trying to take on the roll of the First Lady, and act like the Vice President.

Ever think you’d long for the days of Dan Quayle being the President’s go to guy?

Seriously, this is pretty disturbing, but it’s even more disturbing to me that Hillary pushed agenda this way as the First Lady. It was common knowledge, and no one really cared much about it.

Fairness on Talk Radio

Diane Feinstein is “looking at” pushing the fairness doctrine for talk radio broad casters in the United States. The conversation was brought about mostly by the public outcry over the proposed immigration bill that has been getting slammed on talk radio, which is by and large right leaning.

For the record, I’m hardly a fan of Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity is an even bigger self-promoting jackass that Rush is in my opinion. Savage is a nut, but entertaining. Neil Boortz is the only one of these guys I can listen to for more than an hour or so. Nevertheless, what isn’t fair about the current state of talk radio? These guys put out a product, people listen, advertisers buy ads to reach these people.

In contrast, the left started a radio station, no one listened, no one bought ads, they embezzled money from at least one charity to keep it going, still no one listened, they didn’t pay their “talent”, their talent quit, and they folded.

By the way, isn’t it funny that “spreading the message” isn’t so important when you aren’t getting a paycheck? I’m a little disappointed that Al Franken wasn’t willing to stay on the air for what he believed is right, not just for the money. Hell, even Coolio said that if hip hop didn’t pay he’d rap for free–that’s real commitment to your cause.

It seems pretty cut and dry. If someone wants to make things “fair”, they can sink millions more dollars into a leftist radio station that folks who drive to work and back and are out all day on sales calls–the people they propose stealing from–will continue not to listen.

That sounds fair to me.

More On Benoit Deaths

I just finished watching the tribute on RAW and logged on to see if there were any updates. The AP is reporting that the incident is being treated as a murder/suicide. That is truly shocking.

The station said that investigators believe the 40-year-old Benoit killed his wife, Nancy, and 7-year-old son, Daniel, over the weekend, then himself on Monday.

We can only hope that this isn’t true. No matter the cause, it is a huge surprise and tragedy. This will only make the situation more tragic and more shocking.

A lot of the people who commented on the tribute show tonight noticed that Benoit was a quiet and intense guy. He didn’t let a lot of people get close to him, yet he was really respected by all the guys in the locker room.

I didn’t realize before watching the show how ironic it is that he was one of my favorite wrestlers. I watch wrestling only for the story, usually ignoring the actual matches. Chris Benoit never talked. He didn’t hype anything or make threats or bust balls on the mike. But I always watched his matches because he was super intense and athletic. It was the closest thing to real you could get in pro wrestling.

Chris Benoit and Family Found Dead

I was unbelievably shocked just now to read that The Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit and his wife and son were found dead in their Atlanta home. released the news today, not mentioning it at the pay per view last night.

I’ve always loved telling people my story about The Rabid Wolverine. I ran into Chris Benoit in the parking lot when I was at the gym one day when WCW was in town. I’m a huge wrestling fan, by the way. Unlike the wrestlers who were working out in the gym that day, Chris Benoit was an incredibly nice guy. The other guys would just nod when I said “hello”. Benoit, on the other hand, replied with a friendly, “Hey! How’s it going?”

He was very gracious when I asked for a photo and asked if my friend and I were going to the show. A really nice guy, and on top of that, one of my all time favorite wrestlers. I hardly ever watch a match, but I always watched his because the guy could TRULY wrestle.

Wrestling will not be the same without him. WWE is doing a special tribute to him tonight. I’ll be watching.

Cameron Diaz Apologizes for Maoist Bag

From, Cameron Diaz’s publicist is apparently on top of the situation, and she has released an official apology for Baggygate.

I did not realize the potentially hurtful nature of the slogan printed on it.

I suspect she’ll be entering rehab once she returns to the U.S. This is exactly why these morons should just keep their mouths shut about politics, social issues, etc. Just read the freaking lines the way you are told. DANCE MONKEY!!! You’re not paid millions of dollars per film to try to explain something you didn’t pay attention to in high school.