Benoit Details Getting More Bizzare

Aside from the fact that Benoit apparently strangled his wife one day, suffocated his son the next, and hung himself as long as a day later, the rumors I’m hearing are even more strange.

I’ve heard that the text messages he sent his friends in the WWE involved letting the police know how to get into his house, details about his will, and a desire to make sure his dogs were taken care of. WHAT?!?!?!

An even stranger allegation is that his 7 year old son had been taking growth hormone for some time (HE WAS SEVEN!) because his family felt he was undersized.

Personaly, I’ve always felt that it is a real shame when child murderers die before they are given the opportunity to be tortured in prison by their fellow inmates.

WWE made sure they washed their hands of Benoit as soon as possible. Vince McMahon made a statement at the beginning of last night’s ECW broadcast that his name would not be mentioned in light of the emerging details of the situation.


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