Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr.

Saw this posted at Reason and had to put it up here too, it’s just too funny.

Ron Paul is so young in this clip (1988). I’d love to see him this energetic and rowdy in the Republican debates. However, legalization of drugs would not go well with that crowd. They are probably happy this has surfaced on the web to use it as what they think will be ammo against him. It may actually garner him more support.

By the way, “d” had a great comment on the Reason post

Quick! Post the marines at that kid’s mouth to keep the cheeseburgers out!

[youtube 88REf0tjZHo]

What is America Really Full Of?

Q. What do you get when you mix illegal immigration, the Tom Tancredo cheerleading squad, and a really disturbing description of a little girl’s funeral as overseen by Jehovah’s Witnesses?

A. One of the funniest, and in some ways scariest, posts I’ve read in a long time.

It seems that America, much like heaven, is believed to be full by some people. Becky C., however takes issue with this assertion:

I’m not sure it is actually full.

But, there are way too many assholes.

Read it all.

Local Currencies — A Brilliant Idea

CNN has the story of a local community printing its own currency that tracks to the dollar at a rate of 1 BerkShare (the local currency) to $.90. Yes, this is legal.

Since large national chains aren’t entering into agreements to accept local bills, only the small, locally owned shops are accepting them. And based on the rate at which they track to dollars, customers receive a 10% discount for using the local currency.

For all of you people who complain about the big box stores and that the gov’ment should do something about them, apparently some LOCAL governments have, and it works well.

The market will always find a way.

Why We Fight Wars, At Least Why I Would

I was talking to some guys at work this morning about the reasons for war. There are several answers I’ve heard throughout the years–land, money, religion, etc. One guy actually stumbled onto what I believe is the true answer when he said that animals don’t have war because all they do is eat, poop, and breed. My question was if he thinks we are really all that much different from animals. The males fight for dominance and the right to breed with the female of their choosing, right?

From what I can tell, all conflict between men is rooted in the desire to mate. The desire to get money, power, win a competition, on and on and on. It’s all rooted in the desire to get some. The guy with a bomb strapped to his chest may THINK he’s doing it for Allah, but he’s really just helping some other guy get an extra wife.

My friend correctly took the argument to the next logical stage, “Would war be eliminated if women were in charge?”

To answer simply, no. They’d just fight over shoes.

Ron Paul’s Appeal to the Technoclass

No one can deny Ron Paul’s support and presence online is pretty amazing. How can a guy be so huge in the online community, yet still considered an outsider in the mainstream conversation? I’ve written before about the issues that mainstream media has dealing with the Paul campaign, but it is frustrating to be on the pro-Paul side of the argument and see him basically shut out of serious debate in the broad media. Probably the most frustrating are the accusations that the online support for Dr. Paul is actually very small and being perpetuated by a few puppet masters who are using their technical expertise to generate hype.

The fact is, Ron Paul’s support in the blogosphere and in other online arenas is very real and very large. While it may seem unlikely or unbelievable to the mainstream, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the online community’s sudden interest and large support of a single candidate where none has existed before. For the most part, the web is still driven by computer geeks and engineering types–LOGICAL THINKERS, FACT SEEKERS, AND PROBLEM SOLVERS–The Technoclass.

The ideas Ron Paul presents in debates and interview strike a chord with the technoclass for a few simple reasons. While most candiates base their platform on party loyalty, emotion, or poll results, Dr. Paul’s platform is based on logic, facts, structure, and actually addressing the issues. Ron Paul’s ideas follow the same line of thinking that we engage in every day–Identify the problem (issue), determine the factors that contribute to the problem (events that lead to the issue), determine the limitations of possible solutions (the Constitution), implement the best solution.

So why hasn’t the technoclass chosen a candidate for widespread support before this election cycle? Well, there’s a reasonable explanation for that as well. Never before, at least since the web has become widely popular, has a candidate taken the approach of presenting reasonable arguments and solutions to problems. For the technoclass, often the most reasonable course of action when no feasible solution to a problem has been presented is to do nothing.

That’s exactly what the technoclass has chosen to do, until now.

Of course, I could be wrong…dopplegangr has an alternate explanation.

Bad Ass Garmin Video

I saw the commercial during Colbert last night and found the video on YouTube.

If this thing can make me pee laser beams like the Garmin-man in the video does, I’ll buy one today.

[youtube taRPwYe1EYA]

Newsflash–High School Kids in a Fight!

Is anyone else bored/disgusted/irritated/dumbstruck by news (and I use that term lightly) stations like Fox and CNN spending hours covering important stories like kids posting fights on YouTube?

I just went to warm up my lunch and there were 20 people in our dining area fixated on a story on Fox about a “savage beating” that was videotaped and posted on YouTube. Of course, the anchors were telling us how horrible this is, and of course you couldn’t see them, only hear their voices over the video of the horrible fight that YouTube is showing.

So there were at least 20 people watching this fight on the “news” who never would have watched it otherwise. These news stations are just a pathetic joke.

KPD Prostitution Sting Wildly Successful

The KNS reports that a sting ending at 6 am in the Magnolia area caught eleven “criminals”. Apparently ten women and one man were engaged in swapping services one party was willing to provide for money the other party was willing to pay.

Stay tuned to the KNS. I’m sure they’ll have a follow up story once the victims of these crimes are found and identified.

In (somewhat) related news, the former Highway Patrolman involved in the Barbie Cummings traffic stop is under further investigation for other traffic stops he made involving women. Not sure if they are looking for evidence of him disposing of drugs or receiving sexual favors from the women he has stopped. Based on the photo I saw of him, I’d say the former is more likely than the latter.

Again, they should let this die. Cummings herself says there was no exchange of services involved and he still gave her the ticket. The guy has already been fired, and I think that’s enough–not because of what he did, but because he was stupid enough to tell everybody about it. We should expect our Highway Patrolmen to be at least a tad bit brighter than former presidents.

Should Villa Collina Raise My Asking Price?

All I can say is that it is really nice to own a property that is right across the street from a $40M mansion. Hopefully this will be taken into account when I put my condo on the market this month. I can just hear my real estate agent now explaining what a bargain my place is compared to the other homes in the neighborhood.

Sorry. This house just doesn’t make sense in Knoxville. I mean, I LOVE living in Knoxville and East Tennessee, but if I ever live in a $40M home it will be on a beach in Hawaii, not on a dirty lake in Knoxville.

The big spider on the wall at Halloween is cool though. 😉