Tennessee Martin vs Tennessee (Tennessee)

I DVR’d the game so I could badoop badoop it and not have to spend a ton of time watching it. I feel a little bad for Lester Hudson. He’s obviously a great player–you can tell just by the way he moves. But the Vols pretty much shut him down until late in the second half when, oddly enough, the Vols started playing pretty sloppy themselves. It’s too bad, because this was probably one of the few nights a lot of people in the state would get to see him play.

I think the real story of the game was Brian Williams who was getting it done everywhere on the floor. That dude is looking a lot better than last year. I can see J.P. Prince and him both having big years as everyone tries to contain Tyler Smith. Should be a fun season to watch the Vols.

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7 Replies to “Tennessee Martin vs Tennessee (Tennessee)”

  1. He is a good player and I think that UTM will win the OVC championship but Tennessee is just a much better team.

    One thing he should feel good about is they did see him as a threat and that is a compliment indeed.

  2. The Mrs’ Parents invited us to the game last night. It was really good to be surrounded by thousands of smiling UT fans. Williams did look good. He was up and down the court all night and looked like he may have shed another pound or twenty. On the radio post game show Williams said that the Master Motivator Pearl had been on him all week in practice and was calling him “soft” so he wanted to come out and show him he wasn’t…..So as long as he stays angry for another 33 games we have nothing to worry about.

  3. Bobby Mayes is going to make them all look very good this year. What a difference a quality point guard makes… If you doubt that – I refer you to the Kentucky Wildcats.

  4. @newscoma Unfortunately, they got Bruce Pearl early and a lot of lesser coaches will get a defensive game plan for free. Of course, most don’t have the player talent to execute it.

    @aingle7 I want that guy to coach me, even if it’s just a game of Chutes and Ladders.

    Hadn’t considered that, but you are right. A good point guard can make everybody look good, especially by not doing some things–not turning the ball over, not forcing his own shots, etc.

  5. @hungrymother it’s just sort of weird. Most talk of Tennessee basketball in November has always centered around how bad they are and when there will be a coaching change.

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