Some Great Reading on Knoxville History

Doesn’t matter if you’re local or not, there’re two great stories in the KNS over the past two days that are very intriguing.  The story is about two possibly connected murders from 1968 and 1972 respectively.   Everything needed for a good novel is involved–an unsolved murder of a prominent wife whose husband was having an affair with a woman of notoriously ill repute, an unsolved murder of the husband of a prominent local madam who may or may not have been involved in the first murder, a possibly crooked police officer’s involvement in both, deathbed confessions that never happened, etc.

I love it that the KNS is featuring this type of thing.  There’s some great work involved in piecing together bits and pieces of information–police reports, old articles, interviews with old friends.  This is exactly what I meant back in January when I said newspapers can still do some reporting better than bloggers and armchair pundits ever will.  I’d love to see more of this, and I hope there’s a book in the making.  It’s a really interesting piece of local history.

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6 Replies to “Some Great Reading on Knoxville History”

  1. I was hoping they might revisit the case of the missing animatronic gorilla. Legend has it that its reappearance was just as mysterious as when it originally vanished. I’m sure that K-Town’s finest still have nightmares about this one…

  2. are you feeling ok? ive never seen you make quite so many typos…especially for a stickler like you. you should start a monthly “find the typos” contest and the reader who finds the most each month gets a..??

    but you may be on to something…a new target market for the local newspaper. ill wait for the book to come out though. I have thoroughly enjoyed local professor gone author’s books on criminal forensics…

  3. @Rob
    Oops! I didn’t catch the misspellings. Thanks for catching those and calling me out. I corrected what I found. Please point out any others if you don’t mind. I can provide an email address if you wish so you don’t have to devalue your comment with the corrections.

    And, what the hell, since the “stickler” bag is open…

    Sentences begin with capital letters. Contractions use apostrophes to take the place of the missing letters. Words that begin with a vowel sound are preceded by the article “an” instead of “a”.

    No worries–as long as I get the gist of what you’re trying to say I can let most of it slide. It helps that you consistently ignore most grammar rules when commenting here.

    I like your idea for the “find the typos” contest! I especially like idea of the winner receiving a question mark. If you win this month I will pay to have tattooed on your forehead. Deal?

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