Mellish Meter Revealed!!!

I’m going to go ahead and preface this post with a disclaimer–it’s going to get stupid and, as LL Cool J would say, ridicalous (misspelled on purpose for all you sticklers).

Ok, so I have a really bad habit of posting the Mellish Meter rankings on Twitter when I hear them.  What is the Mellish Meter, and why do I do this?  According to the WSB site:

The Mellish Meter is meteorologist Kirk Mellish’s assessment of that day’s weather. A “10” is a perfect day, not too hot, not too cold, no rain, a “Chamber of Commerce” weather day. A “1” is an ugly day with rain, sleet, snow, ice, or severe cold. A “5” is an average day. “4” and “6” are slightly below or above average. “7, 8, and 9” are good to great days while “2 and 3” are fair to poor weather days.

But here’s the thing…this is Atlanta’s weather.  I hear it while listening to WSB in the mornings, and I’ve been tricked more than a couple of times into thinking I’m listening to the local weather.  Several seconds of confusion ensue when Mr. Mellish tells me it’s raining while I’m looking out of my window at pure sunshine, but I usually figure it out.

I dont know if this is the Mellish Meter, but this looks cool
I don't know if it's the Mellish Meter, but this looks cool

Anyway, I did a search and found 14 mentions of the Mellish Meter on Twitter in the last 6 months, eight of which were mine.  That kind of kills an idea I was kicking around.  Because I don’t have enough other things to do </sarcasm> and am a nerd, I was thinking of analyzing the factors that could possibly contribute to the Mellish Meter’s readings.  My plan was to track temperature, humidity, luminance, air pressure, and other weather factors in Atlanta and peg them to the day’s Mellish Meter reading.  I have my suspicions that other non-weather related factors affect the Mellish Meter, and I would like to prove it.  For instance, I’d bet that a bad hangover day can never result in a reading greater than 5, no matter the weather.

The lack of Twitter activity around the Mellish Meter leads me to believe there is not much of a market for this analysis.  Solving the riddle would only satisfy my personal curiousity.  And let’s face it…I’ll move onto something else soon enough.

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6 Replies to “Mellish Meter Revealed!!!”

  1. If you have the time for the Mellish Meter tracking project, I certainly have a few more worthwhile projects I could off-load to ya 😉

  2. Mellish Meter tracking feasibility study says I won’t be doing it any time soon. However, I’m always open to discussing worthwhile projects. Emphasis on the “worth”. 😀

  3. Never heard of the Mellish Meter. The only Atlanta weather guy I’m familiar with is Flip Spiceland, who used to be with CNN and then did local Atlanta weather. I’m picking up in the Blog-O-Sphere that he’s no longer an Atlanta weatherman.

    My own “meter” only registers after I’m kicking back after the day’s activities. Yesterday here was an 8.

  4. @hungrymother wasn’t Flip Spiceland the weather guy on Anchorman? I think with that name your only choices for work are Weather Guy and Game Show Host.

    I think your way of measuring the day makes more sense. Most car crashes occur on sunny days. That’s the only question I missed when I took my driver’s test.

  5. I’ll add another predictor to your study, vacation days. I am on vacation tomorrow which means that tomorrow will be at least a 6 for me even though it will still be too damn cold.

    Start tracking your data and I’d be glad to plug it into a multiple regression equation.

  6. @tlittle it depends on where you’re going for your vacation. You must be staying home, huh?

    I like your idea. Together we should be able to determine the Myers Briggs Personality Type of Kirk Mellish.

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