Straight Outta Knoxville

Thanks to the guys at Knoxify and Rootclip, I’m wearing a shirt today…my new Rootclip T-shirt that I won via Knoxify’s giveaway.

Eastcoast? Westcoast? Nope. This is all about Ebenezer and Westland–aka The Westland Ghetto. Entry to Knoxify’s contest was open to anyone discussing their ‘hood in the comments, so I figured I’d represent my block here.

And here’s a better look at the high quality T-shirt. Thanks again for helping save on my clothing budget, and check out Knoxify and Rootclip if you get a chance…both are examples of high quality interneting.

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4 Replies to “Straight Outta Knoxville”

  1. @Allen Klosowski

    Thanks for making me famous dude! I promise not to fight, throw up, or do anything else embarrassing while wearing your gear.

    Well, maybe “promise” is a stretch. I promise I’ll try–how about that?

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