AARP Cares About Everyone? Really?

A while back, I wrote a post on “Divided We Fail”, the AARP’s shameful ad campaign that uses children to try to disguise the organization’s true intentions. Reader “poz” writes (I’m assuming in response to that post):

you are scary, it is sad to see that you feel there is a hidden agenda w/aarp.
Why can\’t you beleive that there are americans who do beleive in improving
our quality of life for our future generations?

Ok, maybe if I do a proof by contradiction it will make sense…

Let’s assume poz is right and I am wrong. Let’s assume the AARP’s goal is to improve the quality of life of future generations. If this is true, aren’t they a shameful organization for tricking our country’s senior citizens into believing that they are in Washington lobbying on behalf of their interests (if you weren’t aware, AARP is just another special interest group). And don’t they owe our country’s seniors an apology for the conflict of interest created by licensing the name of their organization to health and life insurance companies that target seniors and benefit from the very policies they are trying to have enacted?

And if this is true, shouldn’t they drop the “RP” from their name? Shouldn’t they stop being the American Association of Retired Persons and start being the AAFG–American Association of Future Generations?

Man, I really hope what poz says isn’t true. If he/she is right, the AARP is much more reprehensible than little old me painted them as being in my original post. I only accused them of tricky and misleading advertising. Hell, Pepsi does that.

And for the record, I believe there are a great number of Americans who care very deeply about future generations. However, I don’t believe these people can be found in special interest groups that are pimping those generations out and deceiving their own members on behalf the corporations they are in bed with.

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