“Died In A Blogging Accident”

At one time it was the 6th most searched for term on Google today…now it’s fallen like a stone down to 54th.  All because of this cartoon. 

 I told you guys XKCD rocks!  Hat tip to Jacob the Newbie, who still hasn’t started a blog or else I’d have linked to him.

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7 Replies to ““Died In A Blogging Accident””

  1. My wife has threatened to maim me if I don’t cut down the time I spend reading blogs. I didn’t realize it was a dangerous activity. In all seriousness, she feels jealous that I listen to others’ ideas because I mostly don’t listen to hers.

  2. I found the solution, but I can’t take credit for the idea. I got it while watching a documentary on meth addiction. This guy was a hardcore junky and his wife was always on him to stop using.

    The logical solution? Get her to start using.

  3. Funny… bloggers shooting themselves and being murdered by jealous spouses,lol…We do need to arm ourselves with more opinions…

  4. I bet it has to do with the fact that people or at least a lot of people know what blogging is, and instead of looking to see what it is, they are out creating, reading, and posting to them! Maybe the search term now is make money blogging 🙂

  5. Yes, we definitely need to arm our selves. even my wife keeps complaining the fact that I spend way too much time blogging and not with the family. but it all comes to the fact that I follows instructions in the blogs and don’t listen to anything she says 🙂 As usual. Cheers

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