Amazon’s Kindle — I Don’t Get It (Yet)

Amazon launched its new ebook reader this week, and while I can definitely see the value in owning one, I think I have to pass for now.  The big obstacle for me?  The price.

$400 is pretty expensive, even though the gadget is cool.  Amazon is footing the bill for their reader’s connectivity to the Amazon ebookstore, which is nice, but they are still charging for the books.  I would be much more likely to buy one of these if it came with some free downloads, at least 15 or 20.  Seth Godin wanted to give his books away with each reader, but Amazon balked at the idea.  For me, that could have been the justification I was looking for.

I’m still tempted, because something like this is perfect for me.  I’m always reading 4 or 5 different books at the same time, and it would be great to be able to take them all with me on one little device.  This one is billed as being able to hold 200 titles.  Also, it would be great to use when traveling for the holidays.  Nice features like reading blogs through RSS and a built in music player make it a little harder to resist.

I’ll probably end up waiting for the third generation of these things before I commit to buying one.  I’ve already been burned by first generation mp3 players and digital cameras.  The price will drop and the products will get better.  I’d also like to hold one in my hands befre I throw down the money.  Still, a really cool idea, and this is the direction everything is going anyway.

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2 Replies to “Amazon’s Kindle — I Don’t Get It (Yet)”

  1. Very interesting. It looks like they could give it away since everything you do will cost money. They might discover that free or much cheaper is the best marketing strategy for them. I agree that it’s worth waiting to see.

  2. Wow. $400!!! No thanks, I’ll wait till ‘everybody’ has one…when college kids are walking the streets of their schools reading their e-book, and when they are band from high schools because they distract from the classroom environment…then they should be affordable. I wish I could say I read enough books last year to qualify the purchase, but do you know how many books I could at McKay’s for that amount of dough.

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