Free Kittens (To a Good Home)

Okay, I already have feedback on my last post about the beggars outside of the supermarket. Some guys I work with read my blog (I write, they read, where’s the “work”?), and one of them brought up another case outside of grocery stores–free kittens.

The “free kittens” sign almost always includes the small print phrase “to a good home.”

What kind of home is good? Is it the kind where you don’t get your cat spayed, allow it to reproduce, then stand out in front of a store and give away the feline offspring to total strangers? Or, as my friend put it, “why do they care? By making the kittens free, they have determined that they have no value on the open market.”

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4 Replies to “Free Kittens (To a Good Home)”

  1. All I know is that I have this sign that I keep in the garage that says “Free to good home”. Anytime I need to get rid of something, I put the item over behind the fence in my yard and slap this sign on it. It is gone before sunrise – old lawnmowers, furniture, firewood, grills, you name it.

    Advice: Put “please leave the sign” on the back of your sign or you will have to make a new one every time. I ran through about three signs before I started doing that.

  2. Maybe I should do that too Marty.

    The crap in my garage seems to constantly reproduce, even though I got rid of all the nuts I could find in there.

  3. im 19 years old i really wont a kitten and i will take very good care of her/him please call me if i can take one thank you have a nice day
    also are you in denver co if so call 7202669652

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