Some Advice For My Fellow Ron Paul Supporters

I’ve been clicking around Technorati and Digg to see the reaction on the Iowa Straw Poll, and of course there is already talk in the blogosphere about voting machines.

Look. I like Ron Paul. I support Ron Paul. I want his campaign to continue. If you feel the same way, it may be best to stop with the “Diebold-gate” talk.

At worst, you run the risk making the whole movement look like it’s full of 9-11 conspiracy nutjobs.

At best, you make Dr. Paul look like Al Gore.

Neither is very appealing. Nobody likes self hating wackos or crybabies.

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2 Replies to “Some Advice For My Fellow Ron Paul Supporters”

  1. Agreed, we don’t need these nutjobs throwing a fit everytime something doesnt go completely our way. 10% is respectable, given the amount of money and time that was put into this straw poll. It is also about 5x the national polls were saying, which means we are on the upswing. Don’t lose hope or become discouraged people, now is just the time to fight harder (without treating everything like a conspiracy).

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