Another Great Ron Paul Interview

What is it that possesses anybody to think that governments, which (are) not trusted by anybody, should have the power to create money out of thin air and create runaway spending and allow the politicians to not worry about deficits in order to buy reelection?

The full interview is here.

The only area I really disagree with Dr. Paul is on immigration.  However, I do agree with him that the problem would basically solve itself if we ended entitlements.  The free (tax payer financed) services we offer are motivation enough for them to risk coming here illegally, especially when they know nothing will happen to them once they are here.  End the motivation and the problem would no longer be a problem…a nuisance at best.

Read the whole article.  Again, it is too bad that this kind of common sense (and Constitutional) talk isn’t en vogue in the big parties.

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3 Replies to “Another Great Ron Paul Interview”

  1. The problem is that Ron Paul doesn’t brake into the mainstream conversation. As excited as we are if he will not make a change in the general conversation, if he will not make Libertarian Ideas an issue that most candidates will have to address than it a waste of opportunity.

  2. I agree that Dr. Paul and other libertarians are not currently in the conversation, but by running as a Republican he can’t be shut out of nationally televised debates. In that sense, he is going to be able to break into the conversation. For many people watching the debates, this may be the first time they’ve ever heard anything that resembles libertarian ideas.

    As I posted here, even without a large sum of money with which to campaign, debating as a Republican will give him a televised platform that he could never get with the entire LP behind him.

  3. This is a good point. If he will be able to start a process in which the Libertarian ideas are part of the mainstream conversation – it will be a great achievement.
    I guess that being able to get into the TV debates is much better than the other, lack of, options 🙂

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