Can I Take Your Toddler to Dinner?

I really need to borrow a toddler on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. Why do I need to borrow your toddler? Because I only have one. If you’re lucky enough to have two kids (talking to you ktown), you’re going to love this one.

We found a coupon in this week’s Metropulse for buy-one-get-one 1/3 pound burgers at Fuddruckers.  Combine that with their Kids Eat Free Mondays-Wednesdays, and you can get a TON of food for well under $10!  Even though nine year olds can eat free as well, this works best with toddlers because the kids meals are WAY more food than a toddler can eat.  So you end up getting to eat most of their meal in addition to your food–think of it as free side items.  Two kids meals and two 1/3 pound burgers is probably more than most families could eat.  We usually don’t drink anything but water, so no need to pay for a drink either.

The Missus craves Fuddrucker’s during 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, wo we’ll probably be camping out there at least once a week as long as these coupons last. This is just one of the tactics we’ll be implementing in cost-down 2009!!!

UPDATE:  DOH!!!!  Coupon is only good on nights when kids don’t eat free.  Boo!  But my belly is full. Yay!

When’s the Damn Future Gonna Get Here?!


The Future is Gone
The Future is Gone

Back in my mall ratting days (18 or 19 years ago), I was in awe of the guy who worked at Dippin’ Dots.  I mean, it’s the Ice Cream of the Future, and this guy gets to work around it all day..IN THE PRESENT!

I was at the mall today, and I think I saw the same guy working there.  Now I feel bad for him.  The future has passed him by.  

Now, will someone please tell Dippin’ Dots that the ice cream revolution they’ve been waiting for probably isn’t going to happen?  Even those of us who bought into their radical new ideas of frozen dessert anarchy (let’s call it what it is) have grown up and given in to Marble Slab and Cold Stone’s traditional style ice cream.  Sorry, those mixins are just irresistible.

Burger King Bubble Bath–Rub a Dub

Yeah, it’s gross. But on the other hand, I’m impressed that there’s at least one employee there who has washed his hands.

Burger King is delicious (mmmm….Whopper), but let’s face it, you’re no doubt ingesting some pretty disgusting stuff every time you go in there. The fact that we now know exactly how disgusting it is may add years on to your life.

I move we start a Fast Food Workers Bubble Bath Day. This is a free market way to disgust everyone from eating fast food. Once these establishments are eliminated I won’t be as tempted to partake.

Everybody Goes to Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is one of our favorite places to people watch, mostly because you can see every stage of life there. Our trip today did not disappoint. Saturdays usually have the best variety of people because Sundays are dominated by the after church crowd, and weekdays are not as busy and are filled mostly with travelers. Today we saw…

  • Teenagers who look like they’d just gotten their driver’s license and were out with friends
  • Hungover college students who were looking to cure their ailments with some southern food
  • Dating and shacking-up couples who’d probably slept stayed in bed late this morning and were just getting up
  • Couples like us with young children
  • People with older kids–one table looked like they were taking their daughter and her sleepover friend out.
  • People who looked like they may have teenagers who were somewhere besides Cracker Barrel
  • People who looked like their hungover college kids were eating at a different Cracker Barrel
  • Older people who would rather let someone else cool their Saturday breakfast for them
  • Really old people who were being taken out to eat by their middle-aged kids.

As always, there were fat and skinny people, black people, white people, brown people, yellow people, bruised people (for real), ugly people, pretty people, but mostly hungry people.  I should bring my camera everywhere-especially Cracker Barrel.

Que Rico!

I loves me some Cuban food. No matter how high fuel prices get, we pretty regularly make a trek from our little shack in the Westland Ghetto to Taste of Havana on Tazwell Pike. TOH used to be at Kingston Pike and Lovell Road, but it seems like they made a good decision to change locations, even if it’s not as convenient for us. It’s almost always full when we go to eat there, and with good reason–authentic food, big portions, fairly priced, and a huge selection of delicious desserts.

Cuban FoodWe’re in the ALPH until tomorrow for my job, and there’s a Cuban restaurant called From Havana to You here I’ve wanted to try. I had to wait for The Missus to be here though, because she’d skin me good if she knew I went to eat Cuban and she was home having spagetti or something. We checked it out tonight, and it was incredible. As good as TOH is, this place was even better. Before we left the owner brought us a cup full of arroz amarillo that the cook (looked like his mom) had just finished making. This stuff was unbelievable. I asked if they could make a big batch for me some time to take home and freeze. Of course, no problem!

I’d love to visit Cuba, where Cuban food is just called “food” and is available everywhere.

Stupid damn Castro!