Que Rico!

I loves me some Cuban food. No matter how high fuel prices get, we pretty regularly make a trek from our little shack in the Westland Ghetto to Taste of Havana on Tazwell Pike. TOH used to be at Kingston Pike and Lovell Road, but it seems like they made a good decision to change locations, even if it’s not as convenient for us. It’s almost always full when we go to eat there, and with good reason–authentic food, big portions, fairly priced, and a huge selection of delicious desserts.

Cuban FoodWe’re in the ALPH until tomorrow for my job, and there’s a Cuban restaurant called From Havana to You here I’ve wanted to try. I had to wait for The Missus to be here though, because she’d skin me good if she knew I went to eat Cuban and she was home having spagetti or something. We checked it out tonight, and it was incredible. As good as TOH is, this place was even better. Before we left the owner brought us a cup full of arroz amarillo that the cook (looked like his mom) had just finished making. This stuff was unbelievable. I asked if they could make a big batch for me some time to take home and freeze. Of course, no problem!

I’d love to visit Cuba, where Cuban food is just called “food” and is available everywhere.

Stupid damn Castro!

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  1. cuban food rules… i got into it when i was working in puerto rico, i also got into those argentinian steaks… mmmmmm meat.

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