Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Regarding Bailouts and Monetary Policy

Key points in this interview:

  • Bailouts and continued printing of money means your currency is devalued, prices go up, and you are effectively taxed to fund these bailouts.
  • The Treasury Secretary and Federal Reserve have no powers to spend money according to the Constitution.
  • These actions only delay the inevitable.  The market will eventually correct this.  As someone pointed out on Twitter last night, it’s only a question of how high up the cliff we want to climb before we jump get thrown off.

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3 Replies to “Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Regarding Bailouts and Monetary Policy”

  1. great videos… beck had a good article, yesterday i think, where he used the analogy of tickle me elmo dolls to our current subprime collapse… interesting article.

  2. Thanks, I missed that interview. It takes a lot of the fun out of being right when nobody pays attention to you. I found that out when I was on the school board.

  3. I had no idea that congress (not that I have much faith in them either) had no say in this decision. What does this eminent “market collapse” look like? I understand the BIG banks are taking over and that is most likely a bad thing, and in my conspiracy-thinking mind, I personally believe it is leading to one-world banking/gov’t, but what can we do about it? Stop supporting these large banks and corporations? I’m not happy with my local credit union or bank and want what BOA promises with better online banking and consistent service and fees, but I know I’m most likely contributing to the problem. I personally don’t see an answer in any single candidate or party. I want to believe that we do have the power to change the direction just by supporting small businesses and keeping things local, but I also personally feel we are already over the edge and are falling, it’s just that we have sooo far to fall we think we are soaring, and are blinded to the proverbial “bottom” that is rapidly heading our way…

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