Big Oops for Former Electrical Engineering Professor

J. Reece Roth was allegedly involved in providing sensitive data to the Chinese.

I had professor Roth for a class.  Here’s how remarkable the guy was–I’m not 100% sure what class it was.  Plasma engineering maybe?  All I remember about him is that he was slightly on the tubby side, the suits he wore included a vest, and he seemed very disinterested in dealing with undergrads.

My class attendance record probably insures that he remembers even less about me.

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One Reply to “Big Oops for Former Electrical Engineering Professor”

  1. You describe numerous Professors at The University of Tennessee. Most of them were disinterested in dealing with graduate students too. They were much more interested in publishing inane journal articles about research topics that mean nothing in the real world. If they published enough, they could get tenure and completely disengage from students without fear of being fired. It’s a good gig if you can get it.

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