Wine At The Grocery Store?

HT to Michael Silence for this.

Sen. Bill Ketron and Rep. Randy Rinks introduced a bill (SB3139/HB3451) at the beginning of the legislative session. The proposed legislation would allow wine sales only in municipalities that currently allow package sales.

Just another one of the many things I don’t understand:  we need legislation to allow wine sales in grocery stores?  I understand the concept of legislation that disallows something, but I don’t get the need for laws that allow things.  Why not just repeal the law that keeps grocery stores from selling wine in the first place?

And what was the original purpose of keeping wine out of groceries?  The only benefit I can see is for the liquor stores have the market cornered currently.

Yeah, I know we live in the Bible Belt and that’s just the way things are, but was there a problem with people showing up to church wine-drunk on Sundays because they stopped to get bread and eggs on their way and were seduced into buying a bottle of cabernet?

Apparently there’s a mini-movement going on to expand wine sales to food retailers.  I’m not much of a wino–the headache just isn’t worth the great taste, but I wouldn’t mind being able to buy some high gravity beers now and then without having to make an extra stop.  Either way, what do I care if someone else buys wine?  How does that affect me?

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4 Replies to “Wine At The Grocery Store?”

  1. “Why not just repeal the law that keeps grocery stores from selling wine in the first place?” – because it make sense? 🙂

    In NY State, by the way, Liqueur stores are not allowed to sell beer, only grocery stores. The official reason is that under age that are using fake ID’s are more likely to by beer, and the state don’t want them to be tempted in liqueur stores. The real reason is, probably, that the big grocery stores lobbied and had lobbyist protecting their interest.

  2. I see you are maximizing your current employment status to keep me chuckling during the work day.

    And yes, I bet some Baptists would be seduced on the way to church…

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