Yahoo! With a Huge Web Hosting Announcement

The other day I mentioned Microsoft’s bid to buy Yahoo!

Today, Yahoo! made a pretty interesting announcement…Yahoo! Web Hosting
now provides UNLIMITED disk space and UNLIMITED bandwidth for less than $12. That means that those videos you’ve been uploading to YouTube (owned by Google) because they are big and take up bandwidth can now be hosted cheaply and you can keep your assets for yourself.

They are even registering your domain name for free, plus unlimited MySQL databases and email addresses. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or getting a site for your small business, this looks like a sweet deal.

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5 Replies to “Yahoo! With a Huge Web Hosting Announcement”

  1. HM,
    Are you going to take the plunge and run WordPress? I think you’ll like it…plus you can just import all of your other stuff into it since you are skilled.

    I’m most interested in Yahoo’s hosting for video. I think I may put up another site just for that. I don’t like putting certain stuff up on YouTube just because I’d be basically giving up ownership of it.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t seen/heard this one. I will definitely check it out. BTW, does unlimited really mean unlimited? i.e., can it withstand a digg burst?

  3. Digg bursts shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve had a few of them and an Instalanche on this site and I’ve survived, and my host doesn’t give me unlimited bandwidth.

    The only thing that has pushed me to my limits so far was ranking third for a porn star’s blog on Google, but that was because I’d left a bunch of .png images in my template by accident.

    I think the limits on “unlimited” are along the lines that you can’t put up 200 Gb of music like a record company may do in one day or serve up a big video that gets 100s of 1000s of views a day.

    If you’re in that situation, you should be making enough money that you can afford to cut a deal with them for bandwidth. I’m planning on my new site getting 10,000 page views a day with some video, and I’m not that worried about it since we’ll build slowly.

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