More LOST Than I’ve Ever Been

I’ve been thinking a lot today about last night’s episoe of Lost.  Why am I thinking about that?  Why not?  What would you have me think about?

Anyway, there are some spoilers here, so if you haven’t seen it yet stop reading.  Feed readers sometimes don’t pick up on the –more– from WordPress (that ruined this week’s episode of The Wire for me), so be extra careful.

My initial reaction to the whole Kate’s baby is Aaron situation was to wonder how she could pull that off since she wasn’t even pregnant when the plane took off.  However, remember that time is messed up on the island, as we learned with the rocket last week.  So it’s possible that three or four months on the island would equal three or four years in the “real world”.  The screwed up time could also answer why the helicopter hasn’t shown up to the freighter yet and why that Richard guy doesn’t seem to age.

Give me less Kate and Jack.  Give me more Ben and Locke.  If this were porn I’d never request that.  But it’s just regular TV, and the scenes with Locke and Ben are way more intriguing than anything Kate and Jack have ever done.  Yeah, Kate is nice to look at, and more interesting that Jack by a long shot, but I even like Sawyer less when Kate is around.  I like anybody less when Jack is around.

“You totally just Scooby-Doo’d me.”  Great line.  Is the guy who usually write’s Sawyer’s one liner’s handling Hurley’s character now?

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4 Replies to “More LOST Than I’ve Ever Been”

  1. Every week we look for answers and all we get are more questions… this show better pay off, I’m afraid it will end up like the matrix trilogy, no pay off for time served. That being said, I’m still freakin addicted to it.

  2. I just watched the latest episode on iTunes. I couldn’t read your blog yesterday. I keep looking for some big difference in this universe from the one we’ve known from flashbacks. I keep expecting to have Jack’s father alive in this version. Obviously, I’m thinking that we’re dealing with alternate universes and the Oceanic 6 have returned to the wrong version.

  3. Billymac, I’m really afraid they are going to get stuck bringing everything together in an episode or two at the end, which would kill the rhythm and pace the show has established. I’d rather get answers slowly leading up to the end to keep the same pace. Of course giving answers isn’t really keeping with the theme of the show either. I guess they could lead us to believe you’ve got the answers and then end the whole show with one final mindf*ck? That’d be cool.

    HM, I really hope it isn’t something as simple as an alternate universe. Not that alternate universes are simple, but it’s just too easy of an explanation for me. I like the wrinkle in time direction they are taking a little better, but it seems like all the religious references they’ve made would tie there in somehow too. I guess we’ll find out?

    And what about ghosts, polar bears, and smoke monsters?

  4. The smoke monster and the fact that the island cures cancer and paralysis are problematic no matter what theory you are following.

    In Twin Peaks the strange little man in a cowboy hat turned out to be a strange little man in a cowboy hat. I’m getting that same feeling with Lost.

    The flash forwards are fresh but its time for some clues that actually lead to answers. The last couple of episodes seem to only focus on a few characters. There’s a bunch of people on that island that we haven’t seen in several episodes.

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