Ready For The Majors?

Political operatives employed in public positions, no-bid contracts awarded to friends, e-mail theft, nepotism and cronyism (the KNS is full of links on this), renaming of positions to stay on the payroll, lobster for lunch, trips paid for with misdirected funds, secret meetings to determine public policy, providing funds to apparently fake entities, strongarming the citizens to vote for one tax to avoid another, etc.

Who says government isn’t efficient?  Knox County was able to accomplish all of this (and who knows what else)  in just a few years!

My question is, what are these guys doing messing around in little ol’ Knox County?  They should skip over state level gov’ment and head straight to the Federal level where they can do some real damage.  I haven’t commented on this in a while, but geesh…will it ever end?

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