No Place Like Home

We had a great time on our trip to Miami, but it is great to be home again and back into our regular schedule.  I couldn’t believe the story about the shooting at Hooter’s here in Knoxville–how tragic.  I actually found out about it while reading Total Diatribe…thanks Billy Mac!

With a week of almost nonstop non-posting, I have several things in the works.  I’ll be working the next few days to finish up my half written posts and complete my half thunk thoughts.  I’ll start by popping over to twitter and writing some notes.   All of this before I even get a chance to catch up on everything I haven’t read in the last few days.

It’s crazy how the world keeps turning, huh?

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3 Replies to “No Place Like Home”

  1. Thanks HM,
    I have a few cheerleading tips as well, but they are hardly appropriate subject matter for this family oriented blog. Plus I swore cheerleaders off completely a few years ago, and things have probably changed since my last dealings with one.

    At least we can hope so.

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