The Fox Infotainment Channel and Why Don’t We Bomb Korea?

I’m out of town for the next few days visiting the in-family, so I haven’t been online (as much), Fox News has been on all day. You’ll never believe this–I haven’t seen any news yet! Nothing on the Patriot Act ruling. The one piece of information that I would possibly consider news that they’ve shown so far is about President Bush’s meetings with the Koreans and his refusal to officially end the war with Korea until they’ve met his demands in regards to their nuclear program.

Does anyone else find it odd that we are killing people in at least one country with which we aren’t Constitutionally at war while we aren’t killing anyone in a country with which we are at war? Not that I think we should be killing people anywhere, I’m just saying…

Lesson learned. Don’t write blog entries while sitting in front of the TV watching Fox “News” Channel. Make sure you know what you were talking about, or at least listening to someone who does. War was never declared in Korea either.

The irony that I took a shot at Fox for not being news while in the same post using them as my source for mis-information is pretty funny though, no?

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