Ron Paul on Bill O’Reilly

Three things you can count on when being interviewed by O’Reilly

1) If you are against the war, your answers to questions regarding it will be the voice over for video of angry Muslims protesting and/or burning the American flag. They are very aware that their viewership values images over words, and a large portion of it can’t digest both at the same time.

2) You will only get a chance to answer about half the questions he asks. This especially happens when O’Reilly is being pulled into waters that are over his head. “We don’t have time for a history lesson” translates into “If I allow you to answer this way you will make a point that I can’t refute because I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

3) When O’Relly responds to you with, “that may or may not be true”, you can rest assured that you are dead on right.

Here’s the video…

[youtube OYxKOyWHaTw]

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6 Replies to “Ron Paul on Bill O’Reilly”

  1. Your commentary if hilarious – and very true. 🙂

    Rogel, I think he’s just trying to get his name out there. Since what he has to say makes sense, he’s going to pick up a certain number of new supporters anytime he can get his name out there. Fortunately, his fundraising is going very well and he’s already got more cash than McCain and he’s gaining on the others.

  2. If you’ll notice, when he doesn’t have a response to Ron Paul’s claims about Iran, he says “well thats debateable,” which means I don’t have I real answer. Thanks O’Reilly, isn’t everything on your show at least debatable. That and name calling and lots of loud speaking. I respect Ron Paul for maintaining his decorum and civility in spite of Bill’s scare tactics.

  3. There was a time (I don’t even remember how many years ago), that I watched O’Reilly. At the time, he seemed to make sense. Nowadays, he reminds me of a quirky character in a sitcom that has been on for a couple of seasons too long. His “character” is so over the top that it is just too stupid to be believed.

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