3 Replies to “Uh Oh”

  1. The Harber stuff is painfully accurate ad recounted both at the Halls Shopper site and also through the Sheriff’s department report.

    Just wait until this fall when all these folks start running for office. That’s when it will get very interesting. First day to pick up petitions to run for office is in early September. That is when the green flag really drops. Note the positioning by several elected officials in today’s NS concerning the grant reporting. Everyone is retreating to a neutral corner…

  2. This was my favorite part:

    His monument to himself shall not be a public library as he had hoped, but a multitude of XXX bookstores blighting Knox County, which also has the distinction of harboring the largest number of prostitutes in the nation.

    By “prostitutes” is she referring to County employees who peddle their positions of power, or is she talking about prostitutes in the classical sense of the word?

    The former sounds pretty accurate. I question the legitimacy of the latter, based mostly on the fact that BGE has not moved back to Knoxville.

  3. Over on KnoxViews a couple of the ole faithful libs starting bashing everything associated with this paper and now the author has made an appearance to set the record straight… kinda funny in a its a boring Friday afternoon kind of way…

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