KPD Prostitution Sting Wildly Successful

The KNS reports that a sting ending at 6 am in the Magnolia area caught eleven “criminals”. Apparently ten women and one man were engaged in swapping services one party was willing to provide for money the other party was willing to pay.

Stay tuned to the KNS. I’m sure they’ll have a follow up story once the victims of these crimes are found and identified.

In (somewhat) related news, the former Highway Patrolman involved in the Barbie Cummings traffic stop is under further investigation for other traffic stops he made involving women. Not sure if they are looking for evidence of him disposing of drugs or receiving sexual favors from the women he has stopped. Based on the photo I saw of him, I’d say the former is more likely than the latter.

Again, they should let this die. Cummings herself says there was no exchange of services involved and he still gave her the ticket. The guy has already been fired, and I think that’s enough–not because of what he did, but because he was stupid enough to tell everybody about it. We should expect our Highway Patrolmen to be at least a tad bit brighter than former presidents.

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2 Replies to “KPD Prostitution Sting Wildly Successful”

  1. From WVLT
    Authorities say prostitution brings drugs, alcohol and potential gun violence outside law abiding business owners. Those merchants say prostitution drives away customers who fear doing business in what they perceive to be a bad part of town. – the victims.

    I guess you saw the update where the FBI / TBI raided ole Randy Mosses’ house today…

  2. MB, fair point except…
    1) Outside of ice cream trucks, illicit commerce occurs on the street because it is illegal, not the other way around.
    2) Moving this activity into a confined place of business (a brothel) is still against the law, even though no one would be affected but the two parties.

    I don’t have a problem with regulating commerce on public streets…I can’t sell apples or used cars on the side walk in front of your house–fair enough. But laws that outlaw behavior based on nothing more than the fact that you and I find the behavior immoral is, well, immoral.

    Surely there was a high stakes cock fight or home poker game that could have been raided instead.

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