Wal-Mart Walk In Clinics Opposed By…Doctors?

According to this article, doctors in Illinois are directly opposed to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS , and Rite Aid. And why would doctors oppose a service in the marketplace that provides affordable, convenient, and fast health care to patients? Well, mainly because affordable, convenient, and fast health care are bad for their businesses. Oh you didn’t realize that your doctor’s office is a business?

Every day we hear about the rising cost of healthcare, but…

Walk-in clinics represent one of the most advanced and aggressive attempts by US business and entrepreneurs to drive reform of the healthcare system.

Sounds good to me. Of course, doctors are not readily admitting that they are concerned about business. It’s all about the patients, right?

But the clinics also have a direct impact on doctors, who see themselves as the gatekeepers of common, everyday healthcare.

Sorry, but nobody performs rocket surgery at walk in clinics. I’d venture that a large number of people who go to walk in clinics know exactly what is wrong with them and what they need before they go. If it’s not a tetanus shot, it’s a need for a prescription to stop diarrhea that is being caused by a stomach virus that the doctor can’t do anything about.

They wouldn’t even need to go see the doc to get a script if the doctors didn’t have that racket tied up already.

I say yay for Wal-Mart. If the market determines that their walk in clinics are a bad idea, they’ll stop the service.

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  1. “Rocket Surgery”…it’s a new procedure that combines rocket science with brain surgery.

    Right now it requires an overnight stay for observation and ground clearance, but should soon be an out patient procedure.

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