Girls Just Wanna Have Fights!

And teachers are doing nothing about it!  This is news!!!  Local6 in Orlando has video as well, if that’s something you want to watch.  Not for me, thanks.

“The teacher was just sitting there, and as soon as they started hitting each other, the teacher had called someone else,” student Partrick Charite said.

Witnesses also told Local 6 News that the substitute teacher said, “Let them fight,” during the scrum.

First, let me state (again) that it makes my stomach turn every time I hear a fight or scramble for a basketball referred to as a “scrum”.  I don’t think it’s too much to expect professional writers to know the meanings of the words they use, especially when they are sports writers and are using a sports term.  

A scrum is not a frantic melee, but the most complicated and intricate aspect of rugby.  It is kept safe and controlled mostly because its participants are strong, technically sound, and agile.  Saying that a couple of out of shape seventh grade girls slapping and pulling hair is a scrum is like saying that two mixed breed dogs humping is the same thing as preparing a Thanksgiving meal…they have nothing to do with one another.

Secondly, is this a news story?  Really?  I can remember fights breaking out on my school bus and the driver pulling over and waiting on the fight to resolve itself.  It seemed to me the right thing to do.  He made sure the bus wasn’t moving for everyone else’s safety, and let the fight die down to the point that he could actually do something about it.  I’m sure I grew up in a much “rednecker” place than most of you did though.

Thirdly, I’m assuming this was a gov’ment school.  I’m usually quite satisfied and impressed when a gov’ment employee does what they’ve actually been hired to do.  The fallacy lies in expecting them to go beyond that, not in the fact that they don’t.

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