Things I Wonder About

Why is a tax credit for home purchases only good for first time home buyers? Wouldn’t making it available to everyone lure even more people into the market?

Doctors, lawyers, engineers, car salesmen, politicians, school teachers, reporters…the list goes on and on.  Is there any profession out there that isn’t loathed by anyone? I’d say firefighters and nurses–maybe. But even librarians irritate me. They walk around pretending Google can’t do their job 1,000,000 times more efficiently than they can.

What is the ratio of right-handed to left-handed pitchers in MLB? It seems like there are just about as many lefties as righties, even though there aren’t nearly as many left-handed people in the general population. The logical conclusion is that there are lots of right-handed people out there with good stuff, or at least the potential to have it. Why don’t I know any of these people?

When we played battleball/dodeball in middle school, why were you out if you hit someone in the head. It’s not like you were trying to hit them in the head. In fact, if you could purposefully hit someone in the head with one of those difficult to throw balls at such a young age, you probably should have been rewarded for your ability.

Mayonnaise–why in the world would anyone eat that on purpose?

If you can answer any of these questions, I’d appreciate it.

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5 Replies to “Things I Wonder About”

  1. Because hitting people in the head is mean, dude. Just mean. You know that when you play dodge ball the person that’s left is either the tiny little geeky girl or the one fat kid.

    (Former tiny geeky girl here)

    Mayo- yum. Mmmm. Tasty.

  2. Thank you Ivy! I didn’t realize you liked mayo…that explains why everyone else likes it–it’s just a bandwagon thing. 😀

    Well, there you go…she’s answered the tough ones. The others should be fairly easy to explain. 😛

  3. You could probably check with the local librarian to see if they had any books on righty lefty ratios. No way that is on google.

    Good. Got that out of the way. Thanks for the baseball talk. For some reason, most right handed hitters hit leftys much better than a lefty hits a righty. So for middle relief, you can’t leave a lefty in to face a righty after said lefty has just retired the lefty he was just brought in to face. So you have to bring the righty in to face the righty. Because most leftys cannot hit leftys, you have to bring another lefty back in after the righty has retired his man. You could just let it ride by letting the righty face them all, but we live in an era of specialization, and managers can’t leave it alone in late innings. If I just had that google, I could find some support for my anecdotal evidence that the lefty-righty ratio is about 50% for nonstarters and 75% righty / 25% lefty for starters.

    It also could be that leftys are all artists and writers and not baseball players.

  4. I had a comment about the gov’t giving tax credit to first time home owners because some official in the late 70’s was against apartment super’s spawning from a One Day at a Time marathon and a Schneider overload but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around Tyler’s rant and stack my fantasy baseball team accordingly….I’m going to require a whiteboard, more coffee, and an abacus.

  5. Thanks for using the Google for me @tch. That was much easier than doing it myself. I’ll have to remember this little trick.

    @aingle My best fantasy advice to you is to ask @rhalcomb for advice, then do the exact opposite.

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