GeoCities R.I.P.

Am I the only one who is discreetly wiping a tear from my eye to learn that Yahoo! is shutting down GeoCities?  Back in the day, GeoCities RULED! Honestly, GeoCities hasn’t crossed my mind in years, and I was surprised to read it was pulling this kind of traffic recently:

GeoCities’ traffic has been falling over the past year. According to ComScore, GeoCities unique visitors in the U.S. fell 24 percent in March to 11.5 million unique visitors from 15.1 million in March of 2008. Back in October, 2006, it had 18.9 million uniques.

If you remember the old GeoCities, you can really appreciate how far the web has come in a short period of time with free blogging sites, MySpace, Facebook, etc. It’s kind of sad that the cutting edge concept of allowing everyday people to build an attractive website pioneered by GeoCities has left it so far behind.

What’s next? Yahoo Games?

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4 Replies to “GeoCities R.I.P.”

  1. I too am shedding silent tears. It seams unreal that that the neighborhoods of GeoCities are truly comming to an end.

  2. Yup – guess it had to end, and I suppose it was overdue to do so. That’s where I learned to do HTML to keep from going bonkers, while home with my young children. Then I moved on, learning from how-to web sites, and books, and finally getting a certificate from the community college.

    My neighbor saw me doodling with my original Geocities design (R.I.P – the design, that is), and gave me a job! So now I get paid to do it, vs. for fun. Which is not always mutually exclusive.

    I last updated my Geocities site in 2004, and it’s been almost a year since the last of the infrequent emails regarding that site arrived. I changed the design, made it rather a garish color combo, but it was all just to please me, so what the heck.

    On the bright side, maybe it will mean a slight decrease in spam to my email account!

    Thanks for shedding a tear. Another fond memory down the tubes; such is life!

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