Can I Take Your Toddler to Dinner?

I really need to borrow a toddler on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. Why do I need to borrow your toddler? Because I only have one. If you’re lucky enough to have two kids (talking to you ktown), you’re going to love this one.

We found a coupon in this week’s Metropulse for buy-one-get-one 1/3 pound burgers at Fuddruckers.  Combine that with their Kids Eat Free Mondays-Wednesdays, and you can get a TON of food for well under $10!  Even though nine year olds can eat free as well, this works best with toddlers because the kids meals are WAY more food than a toddler can eat.  So you end up getting to eat most of their meal in addition to your food–think of it as free side items.  Two kids meals and two 1/3 pound burgers is probably more than most families could eat.  We usually don’t drink anything but water, so no need to pay for a drink either.

The Missus craves Fuddrucker’s during 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, wo we’ll probably be camping out there at least once a week as long as these coupons last. This is just one of the tactics we’ll be implementing in cost-down 2009!!!

UPDATE:  DOH!!!!  Coupon is only good on nights when kids don’t eat free.  Boo!  But my belly is full. Yay!

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5 Replies to “Can I Take Your Toddler to Dinner?”

  1. I will voluntarily wear toddler clothes if I can come with you and have some of your sandwich.
    I already have the outfit (don’t ask) and will provide my own transportation. I will warn you that I do plan on throwing food and staring at other diners. But that has nothing to do with the disguise.
    Please contact my people.

  2. @Schwartz You don’t have to wear the toddler clothes. Don’t get me wrong…you have to wear clothes, but you can have some of my sandwich. If the disguise is clever enough I’ll hook you up with some fries or something.

  3. If you’ll pay overnight shipping, you can have one of mine. No need to return her right away either.

    Do they still have the burger bar where you put all the fixins on? Mmmmm…..melted cheese.

  4. @tlittle it’s crazy that they charge you for a slice of cheese but allow you to pump all the melty chees (the best kind of cheese) out of that metal bin you want.

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