A Quick Hi and Some Thanks!

The last few days have been pretty crazy.  Last Thursday Newscoma and I launched a little project, NewsTechZilla.  We thought it was a good idea and would be a fun way to document some stuff.  Little did we know it would explode.  We’ve seen an unbelievable amount of support (and traffic) so far, and I want to take second to thank some people from this side of the State for their help.  Without you guys, we would not have seen this kind of success.

Seriously, you guys helped us get the word out, give us feedback, encouragement, and even content.  We can’t thank you enough!

Michael Silence was unbelievably generous in writing our first feature article, and he went a step further by featuring us in his Sunday deadwood column.  Jack Lail wrote a very nice intro for us on his blog last Thursday too.  These guys got us noticed by Glenn Reynolds, who gave us an unbelievably successful first day “live” when he linked to us from Instapundit. All this within the first three days!!!

Guys, I know a link from me here is worth about 1/100 of what you did for us, but it’s all I can do for now.

Since then, we’re receiving more support from people like SVD at KTownLowDown, and some local guys from Copa Creative, Abunga.com, and TUAW who were generous with their time in answering some questions about the iPhone for an article we were doing.  I can’t even begin to thank all the people who’ve talked about us on Twitter and sent their followers our way.

I’m uber-busy with work (real job) right now, but I intend to (at some point) thank all the local people I’ve forgotten in this short post and all the other folks around the country who’ve been so supportive.

I’m also going to change that poll before the eight week period (I hope).

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8 Replies to “A Quick Hi and Some Thanks!”

  1. Congrats on the successful start. Funny, I grew up literally across the street from the Reynolds family. Glenn was older than me so I didn’t know him, but his Dad was a religious prof at UT during the 15+ years we lived there. The recognition he has gotten for instapundit is amazing.

  2. @Just Sayin’ Thanks…it’s been a lot of fun (and work), but paying off!

    @tlittle did you ever spike him?

    @Hungry mother
    We’re both multi-taskers apparently. And you good at it to boot?

  3. As soon as you find some time…I can’t wait to see the ignorant statement that you can’t back up. Please specify the one.

  4. @aingle

    Just pull up a random post from the archives and throw a dart, or a rock if you don’t have a dart handy, at your screen.

    You’re bound to hit one. 🙂

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