Ultra Light Blogging

So it not just me? I stopped by for some bagels and a cup of coffee (ok, I really stopped to get online), and checked my feed reader just now. Looks like there’s light blogging going on everywhere, which probably means there’s light reading going on everywhere as well.

Not much to write–I’ve been 1) Playing outside 2) Playing cards 3) Went to a movie (Benjamin Buttons)–the first movie I’ve seen at the theater in two years.

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4 Replies to “Ultra Light Blogging”

  1. @tch Just wait until they get internets in your area…you’ll see.

    @David Van Dyke It was good, but a little long in my opinion. It probably could have been done a little better. It seemed like they were going for Forest Gump meets Titanic.

    @hungrymother Well, you are one Hungry Mother.

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