Is Fulmer Gone For Real Now?

Tony Basilio is reporting on the air that University of Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton has requested a meeting with Jimmy Sexton, who is Phil Fulmer’s agent. This apparently signals an official move to end the Phil Fulmer error era at UT. According to Basilio, neither camp is going to confirm this, at least not right now.

There are some who aren’t going to believe it’s true until it is admitted on the UTAD’s state-sponsored radio station, but you have to give it Basilio–he’s called quite a few of these events early in the past.

So now we can (almost) officially ask the question–who are they going to get?

I just realized that it is completely possible that they are meeting to discuss a raise and contract extension.

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7 Replies to “Is Fulmer Gone For Real Now?”

  1. Being a Georgia fan who grew up in East Tennessee (Tri-cities) I’ve been amused to say the least at what has been the rollercoaster known as UT football the last several years. Many of my friends are who are die-hard UT fans are ready to see him go. While I would love to see him stay for my own personal reasons it’s sad to see what has been such a dominant team really tank since 2000.

    I also think with the exception of a few players here and there that UT hasn’t recruited very well. They used to be able to hand-pick out of the state of Georgia but that isn’t the case any longer. If Fulmer is fired do you have any thoughts on who his replacement might be? I’ve heard that Gundy, Gruden and Muschamp would all be in consideration.

  2. @Lady Jaye
    I’ve heard people fantasizing about Gruden and Bill Cowher. Others are saying it will be a Bruce Pearl type guy. And others are saying it will be David Cutcliffe.

  3. Just a reminder to Lady Jaye if I remember correctly UGA was pounded in 2006 & 2007 by UT and UT has won 3 of the last 5 meetings. Although in all fairness UGA has won 6 of the last 10 meetings… Anyway, I agree Fulmer needs to retire with dignity and move on… It’s time for the future… Keep an eye on Butch Davis, Mike Leach, Scott Linehan & Steve Kragthorpe as future prospects for the job.

  4. Vols Smokey – I am well aware of the ass beating that y’all delivered to us in 2006 and 2007. I was in Neyland Stadium last year but fortunately missed the ’06 debacle due to work.

    Since 2000 the Dawgs are 6-3 and as I pointed out on another blog earlier today that was mainly due to the fact that we had VanGorder from 2001-2004.

    Fulmer w/o Cutcliffe is proving to not be much of a success. I believe I read in the Kingsport paper recently that while Fulmer’s record is 150-50 36 of those losses have been since 2000.

    It’s sad to see any coach spiral down this way. It’s like watching Spurrier just shrug because he can’t even get mad at how bad South Carolina is. Sometimes you’ve just got to hang it up.

  5. I’m not too much of an SEC fan, but I admire the conference and respect the strength of the teams. I take a look at Tennessee games in a fifth tier:

    Penn State to win
    Pitt to lose
    Virginia Tech to win
    Notre Dame to lose
    Tennessee to win

    I am sad to see the level to which the Orange have fallen. I have to suggest Nick Sabin. I know how to get him – MONEY.

  6. @hungrymother
    What is this money you speak of. Doesn’t everyone coach for the love of the game and the thrill of competition?

    @Vols Smokey
    Thanks for stopping by!!! Hopefully you’ll jump into the fray here more often.

  7. Fulmer and Mike Hamilton need to go. Talk about dignity. Did Fulmer let Majors retire with dignit? Hamilton’s greed is a big part of the down fall. I have been a season ticket holder for 30 years, I get bummed every week. Hamiltion wants a billion dollars now. Young people can’t afford a thousand dollar game. The price of all sports and the reason for them have been lost to greed.

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