It’s Halftime. Can Fulmer be Fired Midgame?

I’m admittedly only halfway watching the Tennessee/Florida game, but what I’ve seen is atrocious. It looks like I stopped caring about college football a few years too early. I should have waited until this year to jump off the bandwagon. Every fan deserves at least one season of pure agony, right? I’m not talking about the agony of losing close games either…I’m talking about going out and getting abused by good teams and squeaking out wins (or losses) against bad ones.

If I were UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton, I’d be worried about my own job if I don’t get a football coach that can meet the expectation of fans who are being charged more and more for tickets.

Beat the rush…fire Phil Fulmer at halftime. Of course, sports talk radio isn’t nearly as entertaining when the Vols or winning, so for personal reasons I hope he stays around.

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9 Replies to “It’s Halftime. Can Fulmer be Fired Midgame?”

  1. When are we going to make a change? I am embarassed. We need to play harder. I am just so frustrated. I’ll hang up and listen to your comments.

  2. Ever since is stuffed Eddie George on the goal line to whip ohio state, I felt like i came donw with something….that overrated overhyped disease that permeates THE Overrated University’s football program. Bring back the Duff. My recommendation? Hire AL WILSON as head coach. He’ll scare those punks into playing ball. Initial hires:

    Defensive coordinator: Jack Lambert
    Offensive coordinator: My little sister could improve this offense, so who cares?
    Cheerleading Coach: BA Barrakas

  3. @Bill Duff
    Outside of your cramming Eddie George, my favorite story about you is a paper my sources tell me you wrote our Freshman year called, “Living in Knoxville With No Chicks”. You are still Tennessee’s favorite boy from New Jersey.

  4. Should we really be blaming the great pumpkin like this? I mean, is it his fault that he has gotten FAT and lazy making his millions over the years and has forgotten how to coach football?

    Maybe they should just clean out the entire staff, team, and Athletic director. Get some people in there that actually want to earn their ridiculous salaries and full ride scholarships!

    I’ll hang up and listen to your comments.
    Go Vols?!

  5. To his credit, Fulmer did NOT get fat on this job…he’s ALWAYS been fat. Blaming him for our failures is like blaming Bush for our current economical, foreign, and domestic situation we are in…eh…nevermind. Go Vols, and I’d just like to say thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. I’ll hang up now…

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