Rules of CoWorking

We’re putting together some structure and a website for our local coworking group, and were kicking the idea around about how to include people (or not). I’m a big fan of keeping rules as simple and minimal as possible. I figured eight rules were plenty…apologies to Chuck Palahniuk.

  1. The first rule of coworking is that you must talk about coworking
  2. The second rule of coworking is that you MUST TALK ABOUT COWORKING
  3. If someone brings in a box of donuts or pulls up a cool new website, work is over
  4. Any number of people can work at any time
  5. Any number of projects and businesses can be worked on at the same time
  6. No shirt, no shoes? Well, can you at least throw on a t-shirt and some flip flops?
  7. Work will go on as long as it has to
  8. If it’s your first day coworking, you have to work

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7 Replies to “Rules of CoWorking”

  1. Thanks Robert! I know you’ve met the first two requirements of coworking, how are you coming along with the others?

  2. #3 – No Donuts today, at least none that I saw.. Does the Panera Pastry counter count?
    #4 – You were the only one working today.. The rest of us were “Pontificating”
    #5 – see above
    #6 – I’ll go to the K-Mart tomorrow and get some flip flops.
    #7 – It must not have had to do much today.. Although, I think I did have plenty it just didn’t “have to”
    #8 – I think I failed at #8 today?!?

  3. Shawn, that’s 1/4 of the reaction I wanted to get from people.

    I guess it’s possible that I’ve seen Fight Club more times that the average person.

  4. @Greg Compton,
    That’s the beauty of these rules…you don’t have to adopt them officially…they’re more like community standards that are enforced by peer pressure.

    I love peer pressure.

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