Penn and Teller Call Bullshit on Al Gore

Check out this great clip from Penn and Teller’s show “Bullshit”. Al Gore is such a clown, but the scary kind of clown. Penn and Teller, on the other hand, are funny.

Good pub for the Tennessee Center for Policy Research here, which highlights Gore’s overuse of power while trying to make everyone else in the world feel guilty about their habits.

Oh wait, he bought carbon credits (from himself) to offset his consumption.

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4 Replies to “Penn and Teller Call Bullshit on Al Gore”

  1. Billymac, the funny thing is, I was thinking of you in particular when I watched and posted this. And not just because of the liberal use of the F word.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I loved the Gore energy usage/carbon credits story when it first came out and it’s even better with Penn and Teller narrating it.

  3. Yes, that show is really entertaining and Penn really knows how to read lines that will make you spew your coffee all over the table in laughter or horror, depending on what your personal views are I guess 😉

    As for some of the “facts” presented on the show, I wouldn’t exactly believe all of them without doing some checking on my own.

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