If You Have A Loved One That’s Been Eaten By Pigs…

TCH sent this video of a clip on Knoxville hero John Bean. This is the original “Whoop Your Ass” Jerky Boy, and in my opinion the best. One of the things I love about these prank calls is that everyone he threatens responds to his threats with “Well come on down here then!”  Gotta love K’Town.

Best quote from the video–“He sold it to one of them A-Rabs…”

And favorite quote from the tapes–“They’s s’pose to be some damn good ‘uns”

Let me know if you haven’t heard these calls.  We can arrange a listening for you!

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  1. Holy crap, thank you for posting this! I’ve been trying to explain what was, for me, a college revelation to a bunch of my Yankee friends. Bean put me in touch with my Southern comedic roots like Foxworthy never could.

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