Parenting for Adults

When (if) my kid(s) decide to go to college as adults, I expect they’ll do some pretty stupid things during the first couple of years and beyond.  To me, making mistakes and dealing with the consequences are important aspects of the learning process; part of acquiring an education.  Luckily, the State of Tennessee now has taken it upon themselves to get involved in my chosen method of nonparenting, if my kid adult decides to drink a couple of cold beers on campus.

Let’s take this to its logical end.  Why not also notify the parents when they skip class, jaywalk, or get thrown out of an intramural floor hockey game for beating down an opposing player while protected with full goalie gear?  Not that I ever participated in any such activity as a student.  I did, however, have a friend who talked filthy talk at a football game once.  Luckily for him, his parents weren’t notified.

It’s nice to see that while State universities don’t have the ability to support actual academic programs, they still have the ability to parent effectively.

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3 Replies to “Parenting for Adults”

  1. The nanny state strikes again. At ITT we’re supposed to call a student every time they are absent– often our program chairs wind up calling them before they show up (very late) to class. Hilarious, and completely what an employer will do when an employee can’t roll out of bed…NOT.

  2. This is stupid, helicopter legislation. I am not going to call my child’s professor and they shouldn’t be calling me. College students have to deal with the consequences of their actions themselves. I won’t be calling my child’s employer to lie that they are sick either. Go to class or fail. Go to work or get fired.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting Cathy…you make way too much sense to have a public voice!

    Go to class or fail. Go to work or get fired.

    Well, I made Cs–wouldn’t exactly call that failing. 😛

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