Pandora Online Radio–It Rocks

It’s free. No really, it’s completely free.

I’ve been using Pandora internet radio for a couple of weeks now. I hesitated to mention it here because I was afraid that by “free” they meant “free to register” or “free for a little while.” Nope–it’s seriously free. It’s good too, and has one of the coolest interfaces I’ve seen on the web.

Not only do they allow you to set up your own stations that you can listen to from anywhere, but by telling Pandora what you like and dislike it also finds new music for you that it thinks you’ll dig. So far it’s been dead on for me as far as suggestions, and I’ve found some cool new music.

Pandora allows you to purchase music straight through Amazon or iTunes. That’s where they make their money, which I guess is how they are able to offer the service for free.

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5 Replies to “Pandora Online Radio–It Rocks”

  1. I tried Pandora for sometime but it is far less that (which is also completely free). You should try it as well.

  2. Holy cow. Robert Earl Keen to Waylon to Pat Green to Guy Clark. Best. Site. Ever.

    Please do something with this Amazon thing to the side. You lost a sale today.

  3. My only problem is that it throws in Judas Priest and Dokken songs every now and then for me…I guess that’s because I told it I liked Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health”?

    You didn’t want to buy guitar hero? Give it a shot now. It was taking up valuable airplane sales space anyway.

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