Me Fit? Maybe Not. How About Wii Fit?

So the other night I was watching Chelsea Handler and she had Tina Yothers on. You know, the girl from Family Ties who wasn’t Mallory? Anyway, she was pretty hard core about being on Celebrity Fit Club, and seemed like a pretty cool woman, so the next time I saw Celebrity Fit Club was on I watched about 10 minutes of it.

Still with me? Ok, during the commercial break there was a commercial for the Wii Fit featuring Tina Yothers working out. I sort of assumed that the Wii Fit or something like it already existed, but the commercial said it was coming soon. I went over the Amazon to check out this video for the Wii, which isn’t quite as cool as the Tina Yothers commercial, mostly because Tina Yothers isn’t in it.

I watched the long version of the video, and I gotta tell you…I can’t see anyone getting fit with this thing for a few reasons. I can see where it’s better than just hanging out on the couch, but I don’t see it getting anyone truly fit.

The “heavy bag” is just punching the air. If you’ve ever spent any quality time with a heavy bag you know exactly why it wears you down–because it’s heavy. I don’t have the exact numbers, but the density of air probably isn’t anything close to the density of a heavy bag. How is this different from the regular Wii boxing game?

Then there’s the strength training program that has you doing push-ups and torso twists. Again, better than nothing, but do you need a trainer for this? And jogging in place? Really? The balance games looked pretty fun, but I don’t see how you can practice balance without actually having to balance. I mean, without actually feeling gravity, they’re more like leaning games than balance games.

I guess I’m saying that there’s no way I’d buy this game. Then again, I don’t even have a Wii.

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5 Replies to “Me Fit? Maybe Not. How About Wii Fit?”

  1. I worked up a good sweat getting a beatdown from my then 4 year old granddaughter with wii boxing, but I agree with you that the fitness potential is low.

  2. My 5year old beats me at boxing. I work up a sweat when I really get into the game. Although if you use your wrists like you should you won’t feel it.

    I’m on the waiting list to buy a Wii Fit. It looks like fun and could be entertaining/educational for the kids (and myself).

    Most Wii games have a profile history that you build points/skills to earn badges, trophies, etc. Kids seem to like it and that is how I suspect the fitness factor comes into play. If I start playing some game just to fill up the log book, and that playing causes me to burn an additional 250cals/per day….then I lose a pound every 2 weeks. Sure you will never make ‘biggest loser’ at that rate, but it’s better than nothing. (Assuming I don’t drink a coke while ‘playing’)

  3. Have the Wii fit and have lost 10 pounds, not from the actual exercises but it did get me up and moving again. The Yoga exercises are good and I have seen big improvement in my core muscles as a result. My wife and sister-in-law laughed about the exercises and then once they did them were extremely sore the next day. Hey, it is not a panacea, but if it gets all of the blubberbutts off the couch more power to them. Like all tools, it is how you use it and this one can work to get you moving again if you use it correctly.

  4. @Ken Roberts
    Since this was written, I’ve seen the yoga portion and I think it looks pretty good. And like you said, if it gets people off the couch…

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