The Wire Finale Didn’t Disappoint

Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any better, they give us a great ending that ties up all the loose ends yet still leaves us right back where we started

Spoilers from here on, mostly just my comments on this episode.

This last episode was almost like The Shield with the fast and furious backstabbing and politicking. The only difference is that Vic Mackey always seems to find himself in a bigger mess than the one he was trying to get out of. McNulty got out relatively unscathed.

The scene between Levy and Rhonda was really well done.

I love it that they showed shots from security cameras in this episode a la season one, and how cool is it that we see a cop going to Phelan for help and bad mouthing the Commissioner. Also like seeing Marlo about to get taken by developers, just like Stringer, only to realize the same thing about himself that Avon knew–he’s a street guy.

Michael taking Omar’s place…saw that one coming in season four, but it’s still cool to see it.

I sort of hate it that Chris ate all those murders…I always liked Chris. At least he found good people on the inside.

Cheese got got, which was beautifully done, just another character who had to go because the story says so.

I love the way they finished the show with everything just like it was when they started except for the fact that Bubbles is allowed upstairs at his sister’s house.

This show is so freaking good. I can’t wait to watch it all again on DVD.

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