On The Demise of Volunteer Voters

I continue to be amazed by big media’s short sighted decisions.

This week, Nashville’s WKRN pulled the plug on one of the blogosphere’s dishes I devour daily–Volunteer Voters. This decision was apparently part of budget cuts, which I assume means that the dollars spent on VV were greater than the dollars it generated.

What does it say about the state of news when a regional media outlet can’t afford to be among the leaders for regional political discussion? Does WKRN think this void won’t be filled by someone else? Is that something they can afford?

Here’s a sound business strategy:

  1. Eliminate the things that set you apart.
  2. Make sure you do exactly what your competition is doing–nothing more, nothing less.
  3. No matter what it costs long term, strive every day to be…ordinary.

ACK, hope you’ll continue to be active elsewhere in the future.

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