LOSTer’n’a Easter Egg

Last week’s episode of LOST (“The Constant”) answered a lot of questions for me–I thought.  My idea was that the island is the nexus for all possible universes.  This would explain why Jack’s father is alive in the future and Kate is so protective of Aaron.  I think that in the universe they return to Jack’s dad never went to Australia, so Claire was never born, therefore Aaron couldn’t exist.  But Claire came to the island from a universe where she does exist, and Aaron was born there.  Via the island he was able to move from a universe where he does exist to one where he doesn’t, or at least isn’t supposed to.

I was really looking forward to getting more answers this week.

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Spoilers coming

Boring.  Honestly, I don’t care about Juliette at all and never have.  And I knew there was no way that Faraday would try to kill all those people.  That would be completely out of character for both him and Charlotte.

Once again, the best parts of this episode were with Locke and Ben.  And it’s interesting that Whitmore is against Ben and trying to find the island.  In the future, are the people on Sayid’s list Whitmore employees?   Hmm…we shall see…I hope.

Overall, I didn’t see the point of this episode at all.


***NewComa is confused by tonight’s episode as well.

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  1. This was, in my opinion, the weakest episode of the season although it is still better than any episode of “According to Jim.”


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