Coffee Isn’t Cool, But Coffee Drinkers Are

SVD has a new vice virtue.

In fact, I found out that I can order exactly the whimpy coffee I like. It’s called a Miesto (sp?) (MEE-sto). That regular coffee with a shot of 2%(steamed) and a shot of chocolate.

I say give him a month and he’ll be drinking double espressos just so he can feel normal be regular in the mornings.

As I was making an espresso the other day (having an espresso machine at home is the measure of a true junky), I remarked to The Missus that I feel like I’m living out a scene on Intervention, measuring out the finely ground black powder by the spoonful into my little contraption and cooking it up to get my fix.

Sure, I feel a little guilty that I use small baby bottles to catch the stuff as it drips out of the machine, but not guilty enough to stop.

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