Ouch! This Hits Home

I just saw this commercial that features rugby and nothing but rugby. That’s a pretty rare event, and it definitely got my attention. But a 39 year old scrum half? That club must be hard up for players. Not only is that old, but this guy reminds me of my all time favorite inside center. He wasn’t known for his perfect passes as much as he was for spiking people and wearing a green monkey that could hold a pint of liquid.  So this is for you Toddy.

[youtube Wj_NXvHbnpQ]

The Missus just asked if this commercial made me want to go to that church. Nah, not really, but it made me want to write this post, and it made me glad to be retired from rugby. 🙂

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7 Replies to “Ouch! This Hits Home”

  1. Let me know when you change your mind about church and I’ll save you a seat…

    Presbyterians are cool and I’m sure they play some decent rugby but I think the Methodists would probably be favored by a couple of tries locally.

    And, us Methodists will make eye contact and speak to each other in the liquor store.

  2. Marty, just the fact that you are advocating the Methodists leads me to believe that they are probably just a group of flyhalves and b-side wings. I have no doubt they’d dominate a game of touch against any denomination, but I’m guessing that any trips to the liquor store are made on behalf of a really frustrated and surly group of Southern Baptist front row players who have threatened them with physical violence or, even worse, denial of ball.

    Sorry, but I need a church whose doctrine doesn’t damn you to hell for chucking a little well-deserved boot now and then.

  3. Unfortunately, that guy does remind me of me. The sad thing is he is probably in better shape and definitely has more hair.

    I’ve got to dig up that green monkey, maybe he will make an appearance at the Churchill Cup.

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