And I Ain’t Lost Yet

Billymac just got back from Vegas, and it sounds like he did pretty well at the poker tables. I’ve known and loved Billymac for years, and this is one reason why…

I like no, I LOVE, taking money from punk-ass kids that show up to a poker room wearing a track-suit, pulled down hat, wrap around sunglasses, and listening to their iPhones at the table.

My favorite stunt to pull at Vegas poker tables is to sit down and immediately start talking. I like to play up the fact that I’m a stupid hick. It’s not much of a stretch, and I’ve preparing for that role my entire life. That kid with the iPhone and glasses Billymac mentioned almost always falls for it, and I can usually take them for a while.

Invariably, a couple of people at the table realize after a while that I’m a somewhat intelligent hick.

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3 Replies to “And I Ain’t Lost Yet”

  1. Good strategy, but easy on the sarcasm, even a punk kid will catch on that to be sarcastic (well) you must have a minimal amount of intelligence.

    Here’s another tip for the MGM poker room. If you go in the morning (i.e., 8 or 9 am), there are usually a couple of tables of guys that pulled an all-nighter, some are easy pickins with a ton of chips (i.e. drunk tourists), but watch out for the local sharks. At least that was what it was like on Thurs-Sun… And try not to be the drunk tourist sucker at the table, remember the golden rule, when you can’t spot the sucker in the first hour…

  2. Sarcasm? Me?

    Yeah, I wish I was going to be there early Sunday morning for the people who were blowing it out on Saturday night to end their weekend.

    Exactly why I only play limit, 1/2 if available, when I’m drinking.

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